Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Plant orders

Horticult guarantees that your order will be carefully packed and shipped.  Please notify us as soon as possible if your plants do not arrive in good condition.  Don't wait, if the plants viability looks questionable, notify us with 7 days of receipt of the shipment.  Please send us a photo of the plants.  We only guarantee that the plants will arrive in good condition and are true to variety.  Plants don't particularly enjoy being boxed up and shipped and may suffer some temporary symptoms of shock, but the plants should recover quickly.  If you experience any problems, send us an email and we will help!

Our 1 gallon size plants are removed from their containers and their roots are wrapped to protect them from drying out. The 3.5" size products are shipped in the container.  The plants should be removed from the box on arrival and if not planted in the ground should be temporarily put in a container with soil.  Water, water, water your newly planted plants as soon as possible.  Whether planting in a container or in the ground ALWAYS water newly planted plants after you plant.  Then monitor the soil conditions in the first couple of weeks to make sure that the plants don't dry down.  This is critical to the health and welfare of your new plants.  Please don't stick them out in the garden and forget about them.  Monitoring them for the first couple of weeks will pay off with a healthy, beautiful garden.

Horticult LLC will not accept any returns, but if there are problems with your new plants, a store credit may be issued.

We cannot guarantee your plants from damage done by extreme weather, animal damage, poor soil conditions, improper site selection or poor watering practices.

Terms and Conditions - Sales other than plants

When ordering products other than plants, you may return items up to 30 days of delivery.  Please contact us by email for instructions on returning any products.  This return policy does not apply to live plant products.