About Us

Growing up with a family in the nursery business, my sister and I never imagined that it would be an industry we would enter into ourselves. However, the allure of being surrounded by such natural beauty and amazing people was too great. We, at Horticult, are a family owned and operated retail mail order nursery providing perennial plants and succulents to whomever would like to bring color and life into their home and landscape.

Being of the millenial generation, we are always ready for a good party. Our thirty-one degree water, 31º water, brand aims to bring plants and parties together, with products ranging from table decorations to garden art. From wine charms, jewelry and solar lamps to classic and original cocktail recipes, we are here to provide all that you may need to host your get-together, with or without a green thumb of your own!

Our plants are sourced from Saul Nurseries Inc.  The varieties we choose to list are plants that perform well in our area, Atlanta, GA, and through out the Southeast.  We are considered Zone 7-8, and we will try to note the plants hardiness zone in the description of individual plants.  Please check your Zone and try to pick plants that are indicated to hardiness in your area, unless you would like to use them as annual summer color.

Thank you for ordering our plants and products,

Emily and Katie Saul